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13 Great Food Moments on The Colbert Report

Comedian Stephen Colbert is officially moving to late-night television and will replace David Letterman on The Late Show, reports NPR, starting in 2015. Since the inception of his Emmy award-winning Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, Colbert has covered a wide breadth of food topics, from defending the "great American mystery" that is the McRib to last year's fast food workers strike. Colbert has even managed to convince everyone from prominent food writer Michael Pollan to Modernist Cuisine's Nathan Myhrvold to Martha Stewart to make appearances. There have been many hilarious moments over the past nine seasons, and here are 13 of the greatest ones. Go, watch:

Video: Thought for Food - Ban on Trans Fats & McDonald's McRib Mystery

Video: Colbert Makes Martha Stewart the Snacks of His Childhood

Video: Nathan Myhrvold on The Colbert Report

Video: Domino's Pizza Drone

Video: Colbert Dines and Dashes on $1,000 Dishes

Video: Thought for Food- KFC's Go Cup & Powerful Yogurt

Video: Endive Gift Package

Video: Colbert Tries to Talk Morrissey Into Eating Meat

Video: Stephen Colbert Hates on North Carolina Barbecue

Video: Thought for Food - USDA Meatless Mondays & Plant Communication Research

Video: Yelp Prison Reviews

Video: Thought for Food - Wyngz & Wal-Mart

Video: Super PAC Ad - Behind The Green Corn

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