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Watch the Story of How Buffalo Wings Were Invented

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Here's a short clip from the documentary The Great Chicken Wing Hunt, which takes a look at the history of Buffalo wings and a group of "wing hunters" looking for the very best in the country. In the video below, the "last living witness to the invention of Buffalo wings" tells the story of a small restaurant in Buffalo, NY that accidentally received a case of wings in 1964, which back then were "sold for pennies" or just thrown away. Deciding to deep fry the wings and coat them in a red hot sauce, Teressa Bellissimo started a trend that spread quickly across the city and the country. As one wing enthusiast interviewed below puts it: "Wings; it's quintessential American food. The hot dog, the hamburger, they can trace their roots back to another country." Go, watch the clip below, and check out the movie on Hulu and iTunes:

Video: How the Buffalo Wing was Born

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