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San Antonio's Cockasian Food Truck Banned Over Name

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A Korean food truck has been banned from a San Antonio development because of its name: Cockasian. News 4 San Antonio reports that the truck has been barred from Port San Antonio by officials who say: "We thought the name could be offensive to others." According to the San Antonio Express-News, Port San Antonio has partnered with the San Antonio Food Truck Association, whose has been asked to find a different truck for the converted military base.

While this means the brand new food truck's debut has been relocated, owner Candie Yoder tells News 4 in the video below that the publicity has been a boon for the truck, and a bit of a surprise. "I thought it would get a little bit of cajoling, but nothing like this." Over on Facebook, people have been writing to express their support for the truck and its name, with messages like "I absolutely love the name," "there is nothing offensive in your choice." and "It's just chicken, right???"

Cockasion joins the ranks of other questionably-named food businesses opening recently like The Bomb, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Michigan, and Balls, a meatball-centric restaurant in Paris. Go, watch the video:

Video: Port San Antonio Bans Spicy Food Truck

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