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Nerds Brace as SF Bars Ban Google Glass

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A sign at the Willows, San Francisco.
A sign at the Willows, San Francisco.
Photo: @brokeasstuart
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The war between Glassholes and everyone else continues to rage in San Francisco: Soon after tech writer Sarah Slocum was attacked for wearing Google Glass (she called it a "hate crime"), SFist reports that bars in the city are now banning the nerd trophies. Over at the Willows, the gastropub has put up a sign that specifically bans Google Glass. Based on one angry Yelper's review, the ban has been in place since at least last week. Servers apparently enforce the policy and according the review: "if glasses aren't removed no service." Molotov's — the dive bar where Slocum was attacked — has also barred recording on the premises (signage does not specifically mention Google Glass, however).

The strategy of banning Google Glass has also taken hold in Seattle, where restaurant owner David Meinert seems to be leading the charge in anti-Google Glass policies. Back in March, his 5 Point Cafe caused a stir by preemptively banning the creepy wearable computer device. In November, Meinert's Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge kicked out a diner for wearing Google Glass and instituted a policy that asks customers to refrain from any video recording. As early as April, the devices have been banned at strip clubs and casinos, too.

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