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California's Pirate-Ship Booze Cruise Sank Due to Snow

Photo: Big Bear Visitors Bureau

A replica pirate ship docked at California's Big Bear Lake — which has the distinction of being the only boat with a liquor license on the lake — sank over the weekend after a storm dumped 10 inches of rain and snow on the region. The San Bernadino Sun reports the Spanish galleon named Time Bandit "partially slid under the dock" at Big Bear Lake's Holloway's Marina, and now sits at a 47-degree angle in the water. In warmer months, the Time Bandit — complete with an "authentic pirate" crew — takes tourists on narrated booze cruises of the lake (according to Big Bear Today, the menu offers a full cocktail service, aka "rum drinks poured by scurvy-dressed wench").

The Time Bandit's owner Loren Hafen completed a dive around his boat and reports that the ship sustained minor damage, telling the Sun that "I'm very happy. There's no breach in the hull and she's sitting on her keel very comfortably." He plans to salvage the ship.

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Time Bandit @ Holloway's Marina

398 Edgemoor Rd., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315