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Watch a Future Japanese Cafe Function Without Waiters

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Will diners looking to avoid flesh-and-blood human interaction respond well to holographic waiters? In this video by Tokyo-based technology company Recruit Tech. ATL, the firm imagines a "restaurant of the future" in which diners are "sensed" at a table, sent the menu via smartphone, and given suggested menu items via a holographic waiter. Presumably, the food is then cooked and delivered by a real, live human — the video skips over exactly how the diner's coffee magically arrives to her table — but come check time, that whole ordeal can also be settled via smartphone without a human middleman.

Earlier this month, developers revealed a prototype for touch-screen ordering at Pizza Hut, featuring an interactive menu built into the tabletop. Neither concept is currently in operation, but they agree on one thing: smartphone payments are the wave of the future. Go, watch:

Video: Future Restaurant from Recruit Tech. ATL

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