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Olive Garden's New Logo and Nationwide Remodels Part of a 'Brand Renaissance'

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Olive Garden announced that they had a rough third quarter today. So what's a beleaguered over-cooked pasta peddler to do? Embark on a total rebrand, hospitaliano style. The restaurant's parent company, Darden Restaurants, has announced a new logo for their struggling national flagship chain, as well as a countrywide store remodel, a new menu, and more. They're calling it a "Brand Renaissance." Are you ready to "experience today's Italy?" Too bad, here it comes.

Parts of the new Olive Garden are already in place: their new menu has already launched. They're also adding a "Taste and Toasts" bar menu, which seems to be a small plates and wine menu for those snacky Millennials. They're swapping out their dishware for "plateware that lets the food be the star" (it's white) and putting an emphasis on to go orders. No word on whether or not they're keeping the iconic frosted glass salad bowl.

They're also remodeling. 75 locations will get a new look by 2015, with all Olive Garden locations getting makeovers by 2018. The chain has avoided changing up their look in the past, but soon the restaurant will be updated with modern colors, cleaner lines, and chairs that don't have wheels. Below, explore the wide new Olive Garden in an excerpt from their investor presentation this morning (warning: PDF):

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