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Watch Portlandia's Visit to a Y2K-Themed Cafe

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On last night's episode of Portlandia, the city's mayor (played by Kyle MacLachlan) buys up everything from a local garage sale in order to open the Y2K Cafe, a theme restaurant bedecked in yellow Livestrong t-shirts, Gore/Lieberman campaign posters, and Bondi Blue Apple iMac G3s. The mayor explains the concept: "You put something on a little plinth, you put a light on it, and people freak out. People love eating around nostalgia." (Carrie Brownstein agrees: "It just makes you hungry for a past gone by.")

In real life, the "memorabilia cafe" is actually the Station, a sports bar inside a historical building dating to 1931 (which makes this kind of nostalgia probably more likely). But first, time travel back to the year 2000 and go, watch:

Video: Y2K Cafe

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The Station

2703 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211

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