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Toronto's First Cat Cafe Is in the Works

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A cat cafe in Austria.
A cat cafe in Austria.
Photo: Cafe Neko/Facebook

Toronto is the latest city to get down with the growing cat cafe trend. Metro reports that would-be owner Jennifer Morozowich and a partner are working towards opening a cat cafe to be called Smitten Kitten. The project is in its earliest stages: They are "working on brand development, searching for a location" and are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign. The plan is to have a cafe with "unlimited free coffee and packaged pastries in a separate room." And of course cats. Morozowich says she wants to open Smitten Kitten because she "want[s] to sit in a room and pet cats all day." It seems lots of other people do too. Cat cafe projects are in various stages of development in Montreal, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

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