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Watch Amy Poehler as a Pissed Off Chef on Broad City

Here are clips from yesterday's episode of Broad City, in which Abbi and Ilana go out to eat at a fancy restaurant. In the first clip below, their waiter John charms the two women saying things like "ramp is the truffle of onions" before heading into the kitchen to have a screaming match with Amy Poehler, who plays a chef who salts dishes at the pass and expedites. She shouts: "You cannot find one minute to go pick my sister up at the airport?"

Back in the front of the house the dinner is eventful: there's a condom in a toilet, marijuana that gets smoked with a busser, and a massive allergic reaction to shellfish that leaves Ilana's face looking like "the underbelly of a tugboat." Go, watch:

Video: John the Waiter Gets Real

Video: Taking a Breather

Video: Adrenaline!

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