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The Ranch-on-Pizza Debate Rages; JBF's Kitchen Cam

DALLAS— More shots have been fired in Dallas' Great Ranch Debate of 2014: In response to Cane Rosso's famously anti-ranch dressing position, another Dallas pizzeria, Zoli's, has posted a "Ranch Manifesto" proclaiming: "Unlike other hipster pizza places that are owned by people of low class and distinction, we believe in your god-given right to put ranch dressing on anything." (For those paying close attention, both pizzerias are owned by Jay Jerrier.) [@canerosso]

NEW YORK CITY— The James Beard House in New York City has announced the installation of a three-camera live feed in its kitchen, which will capture visiting chefs as they cook their guest meals and collaborate in the JBF kitchen. The camera first goes live on March 31 with chef Daniel Boulud. [EaterWire]

TECHNOLOGY WIRE— A Florida-based project development team has turned to Kickstarter to help fund a desktop 3-D printer for food items. As TechCrunch reports, Natural Machines' Foodini device allows users to fill "capsules" with their choice of fresh ingredients, load them into the printer, then "print" based on a designated recipe. The printer is still in the development stage, and Natural Machines is seeking $100,000 to help launch. Go, watch their Kickstarter video:

Video: Designed for Healthy Eating: Foodini