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Watch a Fake Bouncer Piss Off Starbucks Customers

Here's a video of comedian Jena Kingsley combining two of what she considers to be the most annoying things — bouncers who uphold guest lists and being under-caffeinated — by acting as a bouncer in front of a NYC Starbucks, much to the chagrin of potential customers. Kingsley turns many people away, asks for their Starbucks reservations, or offers suggestions about how to cut the line faster: "You how like at a club, if there's too many men, they like women. So, maybe if you get some women to go in with you..." (she trails off to tell a "hot" woman that she can "go right in for your coffee"). She also deals with more than one Starbucks employee, telling one: "Howard Schultz told me this was okay. He's like the CEO of Starbucks." Go, watch:

Video: Are You On The List? STARBUCKS PRANK

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