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Watch the Trailer for ABC Family's Young & Hungry

Get ready to groan, everybody: Here's the trailer for ABC Family's new sitcom Young & Hungry, which features Hannah Montana alum Emily Osment as Gabi, a young and hungry (get it?) upstart who "dreams of being a personal chef." In the preview, Gabi ends up getting hired by a "tech millionaire" with a soft spot for comfort food (he's played by Jonathan Sadowski), she cooks him mashed potatoes, then they hook up because ugh.

There's no mention of an previously promised plot point that Gabi is also a food blogger of some sort, but maybe she skipped that in favor of attending culinary school? As Gabi says in the trailer's first few seconds: "So I didn't win Top Chef, and I didn't win any awards. But you know what I do have? Lots and lots of debt." Young & Hungry premieres Wednesday, June 25, but first, the trailer:

Video: YOUNG & HUNGRY Series Premiere

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