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Faith & Flower, by the Founders of LA Food & Wine

Photo: Daniels/Eater LA

Here's a look inside the splashy Los Angeles restaurant Faith & Flower, a much-anticipated project by David Bernahl and Rob Weakley, the co-founders of Las Vegas' popular "social club" Rose.Rabbit.Lie and the annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival.

Despite Bernahl and Weakley's local festival pedigree, Faith & Flower marks the pair's first full-fledged restaurant in LA, and they spared no expense: As Eater LA reports, acclaimed design firm AvroKO nails down a luxurious look with plush seats, vintage doors, and elaborate chandeliers. Meanwhile, chef Michael Hung offers a rustic-global menu strongly influenced by a wood-burning oven; Michael Lay fashions the old-school cocktail menu.

Go, wander around inside. >>>

Faith & Flower

705 W 9th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015