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Ratings for Every Season of Top Chef, Graphed

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Photo: Graph TV

Television ratings graphing website Graph TV has turned its attention to Bravo's reality cooking competition Top Chef. Plotting almost every episode of the show based on its IMDB rating (there is some missing data), Graph TV shows which seasons audiences loved (season 5/NYC for example) and which they really didn't (season 7/DC).

According to the graph, audiences have been liking the show more and more, except for occasional dips like certain episodes of season 8/All Stars NYC and season 9/Texas. Based on the chart, the highest-rated episode is the finale of season 8, while the worst rated episode is a tie between season 1 episode 7 and season 2 episode 5. Of course it remains to be seen whether season 12 will continue to keep viewers happy when it kicks off this Fall in an as-yet unknown location.

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