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Watch NYC's Truffle Lady Deliver $1000s of Truffles

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Francesca Sparvoli is New York City's truffle lady, delivering truffles to some of the city's best restaurants out of her rolling truffle suitcase. Bloomberg tagged along on her deliveries, noting that although she can make up to $25,000 in a single day, she still makes her deliveries by taking the subway. In the video below, Sparvoli makes truffle deliveries to the Four Seasons, Le Cirque, Colicchio & Sons, and Delmonico's. "The best part of being a truffle rep is that they do get to go through the main dining room," Le Cirque's Marco Maccioni says, "because we want people to see them. Everybody else goes through the back door." Go, watch:

Video: New York City's Truffle Lady

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