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Dallas Pizzeria Cane Rosso Bans People From Bringing in Ranch Dressing

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Photo: Cane Rosso/Facebook

Even after explaining exactly why his Dallas pizzeria Cane Rosso playfully charges $1,000 for a side of ranch dressing, restaurateur Jay Jerrier is still fighting off passionate ranch fans: According to signage posted today, the restaurant is now outright banning people from bringing in their own ranch dressing. The accompanying, tongue-in-cheek Facebook announcement states that "we've had to go to extreme measures thanks to the international exposure and to prevent ranch dressing food trucks from parking out front" (as seen in this excellent photo illustration).

Jerrier tells Eater that the sign — like the ranch display case that started it all — is a "total joke" not meant to be taken seriously. "After the hubbub this morning, I asked my GM to scribble a hastily written sign so I could post the pic," he says via e-mail. "I'm sure someone will bring some tonight for comedy." Jerrier's ranch interview has launched a spirited debate about the use of the dressing as a pizza dipping sauce, though Jerrier noted at the time that few customers actually asked for ranch while dining at the restaurant: "They really don't. And if they do, we're never mean-spirited about it. But we don't really get that many requests for ranch." Now, ranch lovers who planned to sneak it in will have to pony up $1,000 for the real deal.

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Cane Rosso

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