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This Week's 12 Best Lines From Across The Eater Universe

Clockwise from top left: <a href="">Langbaan, PDX</a> [Photo: <a href="">Avila</a>]; <a href="
Clockwise from top left: Langbaan, PDX [Photo: Avila]; Elizabeth Daniels

In between a week full of pizza round-ups, heat maps, fascinating features, and calzones, sites across the Eater Universe broke some eye-catching and jaw-dropping news. Here now, the best lines on Eater this week.

"There will always be some schmuck who will make bad pizza and think that it is really good."Jim Lahey Looks Back on Five Years of Co. [ENY]

"Atlanta weather is actually very similar to Naples." — Luca Varuni on Forthcoming Pizzeria Varuni Napoli, Atlanta's Pizza Scene, and America's Best Pizza [Eater Atlanta]

Wink & Nod (Boston Nightlife Ventures) is now open. On the menu? "Fresh Twinkies and smoky jars full of quail yakitori."Peek Inside the Just-Opened Wink & Nod [Eater Boston]

"I just had some deep dish from Pequod's last night — and if you can't appreciate the level of genius and beauty that comes out of that pizza oven, then I don't know what to do for you. It's all I can do not to call you a fucking idiot." — Local Celebs Discuss Deep Dish Pizza [Eater Chicago]

"Can the market bear one more house-churned sausage, another charcuterie plate?" — Tom Sietsema Likes the Charcuterie at Urban Butcher [Eater DC]

Fireside Pies Sells 3,800 Pizzas a Week [Eater Dallas]

Chef Kris Yenbamroong's second Night+Market is really, really orange. — Night+Market Song, a Cheerful Thai Sequel in Silver Lake [ELA]

A pizza delivery guy in Maine delivered the pizza to the right address... but in the wrong town. So the customer "got them to give 10 free pizzas to the local Boys & Girls Club as penance."Right Address, Wrong Town [Eater Maine]

Pizzaghetti is a thing in Quebec. This is what it looks like. — Pizzaghetti is Quebec's Most Shameful Food [Eater Montreal]

Oak Oven has barely been open a month, and chef Adam Superneau admits that business has been insane. "I live in Metairie, so it's pretty close for me to go home. I can usually nap for about ten minutes and I'm like, okay, time to go back." — A Look Inside Oak Oven, Harahan's New Pizza Gem [Eater NOLA]

Check out the 24-seat, back-room restaurant that's hidden behind Thai hotspot PaaDee! — Inside Earl Ninsom's Langbaan, Open Behind PaaDee [Eater PDX]

"It began to feel like we were dealing with a modern version of the door-to-door salesman who was rejected but keeps coming back."Bauer Slams Gitane; Roth Loves La Nebbia [Eater SF]

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