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The Seven Must-Watch Food Videos of the Week

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Here's a round-up of this week's best videos from across the Eater Universe. First, take a look inside the Tabasco Factory. Then, listen as British celebrity chef/restaurateur Marco Pierre White talks about the role of bloggers in the food industry. Watch New York City chefs/restaurateurs Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli (Frankies Spuntino, Prime Meats) make Jimmy Fallon laugh on The Tonight Show. Say good-bye to The Cookbook Store in Toronto, and then go on a pizza tasting tour with the band Fishboy in Dallas. Finish your viewing party off with the latest edition of Eater Moving Pictures' '60 Second Tasting Menu,', and then learn the secrets behind Joe's Pizza in New York.

1) 60 minutes provides a rare glimpse inside the Tabasco Factory in New Iberia, Louisiana where the McIlhenny family has been making the same recipe for five generations. CEO Tony Simmons (a fifth-generation McIlhenny) says the key to working pepper mash, vinegar, and salt into Tabasco sauce is to keep it simple: "We think about our process similar to the way a winemaker would think about his process."

2) British chef Marco Pierre White articulates an unexpected appreciation for how "food critics, journalists, bloggers... contribute to our industry, they all contribute to making it interesting. They make people want to go and eat, they make people want to go into our industry."

3) The Franks of New York, chefs Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli, treat The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to a cooking demo of a dish that Fallon says he would fight someone for:

4) Fishboy is a four-piece indie band out of Denton (near Dallas, Texas) that really, really loves pizza. In this music video for their song "IMAVOLCANO," Denton resident Matthew Bauman tastes a bunch of pizza and then dives face-first into a spewing pizza volcano:

5) Toronto's beloved cookbook resource, The Cookbook Store, recently shut its doors. Here's a sad but heartfelt, respectful but hilarious tribute:

For The Cookbook Store from Brilynn Ferguson on Vimeo.

6) The latest installment in Eater Moving Pictures' '60 Second Tasting Menu' series takes a look at the artistry on the plates at chef/restaurateur Michael White's Ai Fiori in New York:

7) Joe Pozzuoli, founder of New York's Joe's Pizza, takes Eater on a behind-the-scenes tour of his famous pizzeria:

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