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Batali & Bastianich Not Likely to Lose Their Restaurant Liquor Licenses

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Photos: Daniel Krieger, Tarry Lodge/Facebook

There may yet be hope for Mario Batali and partner Joe Bastianich on the liquor license front, Eater NY's wine editor Levi Dalton reports. Yesterday news broke that B&B HG faces a potential $500,000 fine, suspension of their Eataly wine shop liquor license, and ownership adjustment to Eataly Wine LLC from the New York State Liquor Authority.

Dalton takes a look at the NYSLA citations and speaks with a wine law specialist, noting that the focus of the NYSLA's grievances seems to be the Bastianich family. As speculated, the issue seems to stem from Bastianich's status as a wine producer and a wine retailer: "In the previous case cited in this regard by the NY SLA, the ruling concerned a producer of wine who was also trying to obtain a retail license for the sale of wine in New York, and the NY SLA ruled against them in that case." While the Eataly wine shop might end up facing a six month suspension, Eater NY concludes "it is unlikely that the result will be a license suspension for any of the restaurants associated with Mario Batali or Joe Bastianich." The NYSLA will make a determination on March 25.

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