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Watch Ferran Adrià Talk elBulli's Future on Charlie Rose

Here's a video of Charlie Rose interviewing culinary savant Ferran Adrià about the past, present, and future of elBulli. Adrià touches upon many of the same points he made at a recent lecture at the 92nd Street Y, including Bullipedia. On why he closed one of the world's most famous restaurants at the height of its success, he says, "I closed elBulli, as a restaurant, to not close elBulli." Though Adria says a restaurant is ultimately "ephemeral," his next steps aim to keep elBulli alive for generations to come. "elBulli is becoming a lab of gastronomy that you can visit, and even a small child could understand what the creative process is, and the DNA is a creative team that's there in the lab. Everything that they create will be spread on the internet. Bullipedia is a reflection of the knowledge in a world where the internet has changed all the rules." Here's the video:

Video: Ferran Adrià's 'elBulli 2005-2011'

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—Daniela Galarza

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