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While SF Bans E-Cigarettes, a Vaping Coffee Shop Opens in London

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Are e-cigarettes good or evil? It depends on where you are. San Francisco is banning them from bars and restaurants, and meanwhile an e-cigarette coffee shop is opening in London. First, San Francisco: according to the Chronicle, the city's Board of Supervisors have voted unanimously "to treat the relatively new product like combustible cigarettes." That means, among other things, they will be banned from restaurants and bars, just like the real thing. The concern is that some people feel e-cigarettes are marketed towards kids. Also, "secondhand aerosol." (LA has made moves towards a ban as well.)

Over in London, where apparently no one cares about secondhand aerosol, an e-cigarette coffee shop just opened. Called Vape Lab, the shop is owned by two French ex-pats and is described thusly by the Guardian: "The former hair salon, now a sleek mélange of oak floors, white tiles and vintage tables, sits close enough to Bishopsgate to appeal to pinstriped nicotine cravers and sufficiently near Hoxton to attract hipsters seeking a post-prandial e-cigarette after sauntering from the Andean soul food restaurant just down the road." They're also planning a "private molecular cocktail bar" in the basement, because of course they are.

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Vape Lab

232 Shoreditch High St Shoreditch, London E1 6PJ UK