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Watch Pizzas Come to Life at Don Antonio by Starita

NYC's acclaimed Neapolitan-style pizzeria Don Antonio by Starita has been designated a "pizza destination" since its debut in 2012, so Saveur heads into the kitchen to capture chef/co-owner Roberto Caporuscio at work. Caporuscio calls the Neapolitan pie "the only pizza in the world," stressing the simplicity of all the ingredients: It's crucial the plum tomatoes actually taste like tomatoes, and when sampling the mozzarella atop the pizza, you should be able to "taste the milk inside."

The result is "a food that was made in this way for over 300 years," and Caporuscio says, "it makes me feel so good to bring a piece of history of Naples to the table." Go, watch:

Video: Roberto Caporuscio Makes Neapolitan Pizza

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Don Antonio by Starita

309 West 50th St., New York, NY 10019