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Wage Violations at McDonald's Lead to $500K Settlement

Photo: McDonald's

After McDonald's employees in several states filed wage-violations lawsuits earlier this week, some are already seeing results: Reuters reports a McDonald's franchisee in New York City has agreed to a $500,000 settlement after an attorney general investigation revealed employees at seven Manhattan-area locations were often forced to work "off-the-clock" and without pay. A press release from the New York Attorney General's office announces the money will be distributed to "more than 1,600 mostly minimum wage workers who were shortchanged by these franchises." More than half the funds will go to employees who were denied a mandated "uniform maintenance allowance," while the rest will compensate workers for unpaid overtime.

Meanwhile, McDonald's employees across the country held rallies today to draw attention to the lawsuits: Protest rallies, some attended by local Representatives, were scheduled for Oakland, Boston, and Los Angeles. The AP reports that 40 participants attended a rally this afternoon in Boston, chanting, "Every nickel, every dime, we deserve our overtime." Last summer, workers staged similar rallies urging for a higher minimum wage; according to the AP, recent protests have focused specifically on wage theft by corporations.

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