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Clarissa Dickson Wright, Two Fat Ladies Star, Dead at 66

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Jennifer Paterson, Clarissa Dickson Wright.
Jennifer Paterson, Clarissa Dickson Wright.
Photo: Cooking Channel
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Clarissa Dickson Wright, co-star of the beloved BBC cooking series Two Fat Ladies, died on Saturday in Edinburgh at the age of 66. According to the Telegraph, Dickson Wright's team says the former TV star and cookbook author "hadn't been well for a little while" and "had been in hospital since the beginning of the year."

Dickson Wright starred in Two Fat Ladies alongside Jennifer Paterson, who passed away in 1999. Along with the show, Dickson Wright co-authored several Two Fat Ladies cookbooks as well as an autobiography. Dickson Wright was known for her being sharp-witted and politically incorrect. Within the chef community, she caused something of a stir when she insulted world-saving British chef Jamie Oliver: "He is a brilliant cook...But his restaurants are lackluster, I'm told. I don't know. I don't eat in them. I don't want to risk being poisoned." Two Fat Ladies ran for four seasons in the late '90s on BBC and the Food Network, and has recently re-aired on the Cooking Channel.

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