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Food Truck Bites Back at 1-Star Yelp Review With Ukulele

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Yelpers can sure be annoying, but one Albuquerque food truck owner discovered a brilliant way to bite back: Positivity and ukulele. The music video below features musicians Sage and Jared's Happy Gland and lyrics written by Albuquerque food truck chef/owner Amy Black, who also appears in the video, to serenade a dissatisfied Yelper.

Black wrote the lyrics in response to a one-star Yelp review her truck received earlier this month in which Vero P. wrote: "Wholy waste of $30 and an hour to get my food." Sings Sage Harrington: "Take back your one star review / Vero P. can't you see, how much we love you." Black is dismayed Vero P. didn't voice his complaints directly, choosing instead to "log onto Yelp with fiery vitriol." Black wants to make amends, however: "Dear Vero P. have a fried chicken banh mi on me." Go, watch:

Video: One Star Review - Sage and Jared's Happy Gland Band

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