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Watch Brooklyn's Paulie Gee Talk About His Love of Pizza

Acclaimed pizzaiolo Paulie Gee, founder of the New York City-based (but expanding) pizzeria Paulie Gee's, is extremely passionate about pizza. In this auspiciously timed video by the Reserve Channel, Gee talks about how making pizza for a living has fulfilled "his wildest dreams" (opening the pizzeria was Gee's "retirement plan," which he enacted at age 56). "I knew that I could this because I learned over the years that we all have seeds of greatness in us," Gee says of taking the plunge. "We can do anything we put our mind to."

Gee also reveals his pizza philosophy, described as a "very very simple" assembly of good ingredients on good bread (the source of his tomatoes is a closely guarded secret). Says Gee: "The approach I took was a really organic, self-taught kinda way: I didn't pay $4,000 to go to a pizza-making school. I just learned on my own; so far, so good." Go, watch:

Video: For the Love of Pizza: Paulie Gee's

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Paulie Gee's

60 Greenpoint Ave., New York, NY 11222