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Watch Roy Choi Cook Through the View of Google Glass

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As the turf war between Google Glass enthusiasts and everyone else is heating up, LA food truck king Roy Choi takes the nerd trophy for a spin in a new video from Google Glass. Choi shows how the device might aid chefs and cooks, demonstrating how it can help him invent a new recipe that combines Irish tradition for St. Patrick's Day and his own unique style. Because the device is handless, he's able to search recipes and take a call from his mom, all while working.

Choi tells Fast Company that he sees a real future for Google Glass in professional kitchens: "I think the ergonomics can be improved a bit, but once they are then I can see it in professional kitchens ... Imagine no more tickets and each cook working from their own Glass? Dopeness." In the video below, Choi also addresses how Google Glass can help share culinary knowledge. Of his recipes, he says: "I can record it and share it immediately, maybe that will influence someone else to find their own language." Go, watch "culture clasher, food philosopher, straight motherf*cking g, and Glass Explorer" Roy Choi demonstrate how it all works:

Video: Google Glass Explorer Story: Roy Choi

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