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Here's a Map of Every Kickstarter-Funded US Restaurant

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Crowd-sourced pledge site Kickstarter is now a major force in restaurant funding, with more than 500 restaurant projects successfully getting their start through the site. So here now, courtesy Google's Maps Engine, is an interactive look at every single restaurant in the United States that Kickstarter campaigns "helped bring to life," complete with final data numbers for each. By the site's final tally, Jersey City's Thirty Acres (an early adopter of Kickstarter) raised $18,176 from 149 backers, while Oakland's Homeroom, credited by Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler as the "very first restaurant project" on the site back in 2010, raised $7,646 from 98 fans.

Last week, Strickler revealed plans to highlight restaurants even further: "I think pretty soon within the food category we'll make an explicit restaurant sub-category. That's something we're talking about now, and it should happen in the not-too-distant future." But for now, head to the map:

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