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KFC Canada Reveals Double-Stacked Big BOSS Sandwich

Canadian locations of fried-chicken chain KFC are taking on McDonald's with a proud rip-off of the Big Mac: Behold the all-capped Big BOSS, a novelty sandwich that features two "crispy chicken filets" sandwiched alongside lettuce, pickles, cheese, and the Big Mac-like superfluous middle bun. A press release announcing the "sandwich revolution" directly addresses the Big Mac similarities, though not by name. The release proclaims "The Big BOSS gives KFC fans a fresh alternative to the iconic double burger," asking directly in the headline if the sandwich "looks familiar?"

In an interview with Ontario newspaper The Spec, David Vivenes, spokesperson for the Canadian chain, denied the parallels, simply saying "KFC is continuously innovating to adapt to a broad range of customers." Sadly, the sandwich is only available north of the border, and to add insult to injury for stateside fans, KFC Canada also apparently serves French fries (instead of "seasoned wedges"), so the sandwich can be paired with the appropriate, McDonald's-like side.

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