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Extremely Spicy Burger Comes With Waiver and Possible Hospital Visit

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Photo: Burger Off/Facebook

Here's an extreme stunt food: A British burger restaurant is serving a stunt burger so spicy it is only served to adults over 18 who sign a waiver. The Daily Mail talked with Burger Off owner Nick Gambardella who says the waiver is a protection against lawsuits over the XXX Hot Chilli Burger which he says has put five people in the hospital. Along with a man who may have "perforated his bowel" because he had a stomach ulcer, Gambardella says he's "heard the local hospital had people on crash mats on adrenalin drips from my burger." The waiver reads: "'I the undersigned accept all responsibility for any effects incured [sic] due to the consumtion [sic] of the above mentioned XXX Hot Chilli Burger and release Burger Off, its owner and staff from any liability."

So what makes the burger so deadly? The beef burger is topped with a sauce "based on a Piri Piri chilli concentrate." Apparently it ranks 9.2 million on the Scoville scale, which is higher than pepper spray. Gambardella says that of the 3,000 who have tried to eat the burger, only 50 have finished it. Still, the dish is "a massive hit." Insanely spicy food stunts are nothing new. Back in 2011, a spicy curry contest in Scotland put two in the hospital.

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