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A Cat Cafe Is In the Works for Portland, OR

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Tom's Cat Cafe, Seoul.
Tom's Cat Cafe, Seoul.
Photo: feline_dacat/Flickr

Portland is the latest city to hop on the cat cafe trend currently sweeping the nation. WWeek reports that Kristen Castillo is working towards opening Purringtons, a "cat lounge." According to the Purrington Facebook page, the lounge will offer coffee, tea, beer, wine, and also adoptable cats. The food will be limited to snacks like beef jerky, pickles, and popcorn which apparently the health department permits to be sold in rooms with animals. Castillo has not found a space yet.

Castillo tells WWeek that she hopes to be the first operational cat cafe in North America. She has some competition as there are cat cafes in various stages of development in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. There's also a cat cafe currently raising funds in Montreal.

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