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Bar Refuses to Pull Controversial 'Date Grape Koolaid'

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A new bar in Spokane, Washington has outraged the community by introducing a drink called "Date Grape Koolaid" to the menu. KXLY reports that this weekend protesters gathered outside of the Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory, carrying signs with messages like "Date Rape is Not a Joke." Many of the protestors and participants in the Boycott Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory Facebook page are reported to be rape survivors.

Yesterday on Facebook the bar owners said that they will not change the name of the drink, which they say is inspired by an entry on While they have not issued any form of apology, the bar has issued a press statement/commercial in the form of an audio-clip in which a female voice basically tells everyone to settle down and have a drink: "We think everyone simply needs a little daiquiri therapy." Is the drink name a deliberate PR stunt? Not surprisingly, the Kool-Aid makers at Kraft Foods are not happy about the drink either, saying in a press statement: "We at Kraft are appalled." KHQ was on the scene at the protests, go, watch:

Video: 'Date Grape' Controversy Continues Amid Protests, Kraft Foods Weighing In

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