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Watch Jon Stewart Teach NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio How to Eat Pizza with His Hands

Last night on the Daily Show host Jon Stewart interviewed New York City mayor Bill de Blasio about important things like income inequality, police tactics, and the right way to eat pizza. Stewart freaked out earlier this year when the mayor ate pizza with a fork and knife (aka "Pizza a la Trump") and offered de Blasio a slice to make amends. Stewart also compared de Blasio's eating habits to previous mayor Michael Bloomberg's: "Bloomberg as you know, used to have his food chewed and put back into his mouth like a baby bird, but this is unacceptable, sir."

When the mayor reaches for a knife and fork, Stewart hits them away: "With your hands, what are you doing? ... I got to teach you everything?" On top of it all, Stewart also pulls out a Big Gulp soda, since "Bloomberg's gone right." Stewart has strongly held opinions about pizza. Last year he he fueled the New York vs Chicago pizza rivalry, but thankfully, that got settled. Go, watch Bill de Blasio and Jon Stewart eat and talk pizza:

Video: Bill de Blasio Pt. 1

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