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Behold the World's Most Expensive Valentine's Day Menu

Photos: <a href="">VeryFirstTo</a>]
Photos: VeryFirstTo]
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Attention rich people who like theme dinners: The British luxury retail site VeryFirstTo and culinary website to offer an in-home dining extravaganza that costs a staggering £61,000 (about $99,478.80), which the Daily Mail says makes it the most costly Valentine's Day option on the planet. So what does that buy you?

British chef Adam Simmonds (formerly of the Michelin-starred Adam Simmonds at Danesfield House) will prepare "the most romantic Valentine's dinner ever" with "aphrodisiac-infused" ingredients like almost $5,000 worth of Almus white caviar, over $1,000 worth of white truffles, and over $3,000 worth of gold leaf. Taking the idea of serving hard-to-find ingredients in a questionable direction, the menu also features Pacific bluefin tuna, which is an endangered species. The meal will be served with "the rarest and most beautiful wines" including a £17,000 ($27,742.30) bottle of 1990 La Romanee-Conti, Domain de la Romanee-Conti.

The menu. [Photo: VeryFirstTo]

Along with a live harpist and "romantic poet," the package also brings a dozen white doves and 50 candles to the lucky couple's home. But don't worry. The meal isn't just about burning piles of money and eating endangered fish. For each dinner purchased, £1,000 (about $1630) will be donated to charity. This isn't the first culinary-themed mega blowout from VeryFirstTo. Last year the site offered a $275,000 trip to each three Michelin-starred restaurant in the world. Below, the menu and press release outlining the Valentine's Day extravaganza:

An Aphrodisiac Infused Culinary Experience Like No Other

Luxury launches website, together with food lover's, are offering the most romantic Valentine's dinner ever at a cost of £61,000. It will be prepared with love by Michelin starred Great British Chef Adam Simmonds at the home of the exceedingly fortunate couple.

"Taking luxurious and tantalising ingredients such as watermelon, which is proven to have key similarities with Viagra in boosting nitric oxide; and chocolate, which is consumed as a sexual elixir; Adam has created a mouthwatering menu that brings romance to the boil," says Ollie Lloyd, CEO of Great British Chefs.

The most romantic Valentine's Dinner Ever is an eight-course meal including exquisite dishes such as Native Oysters, with Almus White Caviar (a symbol of fertility), Confit Foie Gras and Smoked Eel, Rissotto with Carabineros Prawns, Saffron (believed in the Middle East to be alluring to women) and Gold Leaf, Wagyu Beef, Fermented Celeriac, Hops and Silver Leaf. The finale of the meal is Vanilla and Smoked Chocolate with Kopi Luwak (coffee increases the pleasure sensors in the brain) Ice Cream.

Chef Adam Simmonds says of the menu. "Each dish has been created with romance in mind and to allow the spectacular ingredients to work their magic, in both creating delicious food and the perfect mood for romance."

"The menu awakes all the senses and the luxury element further intensifies the pleasure of this meal. VeryFirstTo will also be enhancing the experience by covering the table in rose petals; releasing a dozen white doves; lighting 50 rose scented candles; and entertaining the couple with a harpist and a romantic poet," says Marcel Knobil founder of VeryFirstTo.

An exceptional menu should be accompanied by exceptional wine. For each dish, Corney & Barrow has carefully selected some of the rarest and most beautiful wines and Champagne, suitable for this romantic occasion. From the most sought after of estates, a 1990 La Romanee-Conti, Domain de la Romanee-Conti (£17,000) will accompany the decadent risotto, and a very special 1959 Salon Blanc de Blancs (£3,600) will be served with the oysters, complete with South Sea pearls.
Sally-Ann Farrington, Associate Director of Corney & Barrow says, "With a romantic notion in mind, our pairing of wines with Adam's exquisite dishes will strike a chord with the happy couple. These are rare wines to accompany rare ingredients, on this rare occasion."
A donation of £1,000 will be made to The Prince's Trust should the dinner be purchased.

Anyone interested in purchasing the dinner can do so through

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