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Watch How McDonald's Makes Chicken McNuggets

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Here are a series of videos from McDonald's Canada that attempt to answer the question "What's in a Chicken McNugget?" in a positive way. To that end, McDonald's takes viewers into the Cargill production facility in Ontario, where the nuggets are made, packaged, and shipped across Canada. It's not a particularly attractive process:

"These are the things that we don't use in our products and these are the things that we do." [Screengrab: YouTube]

In one video, a nine year "deboning specialist" explains that McDonald's Canada does not actually "put the whole chicken in and mix it to make chicken McNuggets" as one customer asked. Rather, she demonstrates how an entire chicken is deboned. She also explains that not only does McDonald's not mix whole chickens into their nuggets, they don't even use all of the chicken: Wings and drumsticks are apparently not a part of any McDonald's products. The deboning specialist does not explain how much wasted product that creates.

In the blender. [Screengrab: YouTube]

In another video, McDonald's Canada's supply chain manager and a product development scientist tackle the question of whether there's "pink goop" in the nuggets. To prove that there isn't, the two women head into the factory for a step-by-step explanation of the nugget-making process. While there is no "pink goop," there are bins of chicken being wheeled around, massive blenders, and par-fried frozen nuggets waiting to be shipped. Although part of a clearly calculated PR move, the videos are not particularly appetizing. Go, watch:

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