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Portlandia Visits a Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant

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Hooray Portlandia is back: On last night's season four premiere, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein refuse to pay for parking in downtown Portland, OR so they park in a 15-minute only zone. They race around trying to get their "downtown stuff done in time," which includes going to the art museum and visiting their cousin's baby. With three minutes left, they go to the molecular gastronomy restaurant.

The rapid fire back-and-forth: "What is it, ice cream?" "No, I think it's foam." ... " "I'll never think of food the same way again." "We should have a molecular Thanksgiving." In real life the location is Moloko, a bar best known for its neon fish tanks and back patio. Moloko also serves something called "Deez Tamari Roasted Nutz." It will soon be added to Eater's definitive guide to Portlandia's restaurant bars. Watch:

Video: Portlandia Goes to a Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant

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3967 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227

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