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Watch Video of the Google Glass Attack in San Francisco

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Earlier this week news broke that tech writer Sarah Slocum was attacked at a San Francisco bar for wearing Google Glass and here now is video footage of the incident. Because the video was recorded by her Google Glass, the footage is from Slocum's point of view. It shows a man and a woman aggressively yelling at Slocum, with the man waving his hands in her face, seeming to reach repeatedly for the Google Glass. On Facebook, Slocum refers to the attack as a "hate crime."

The incident took place at the punk bar Molotov's, and Slocum reportedly turned this video footage in to the police. Only 10 seconds were recorded, apparently because Google Glass automatically cut off the video. In a Facebook post, Slocum explains why she decided to record in the first place: "So after I was hostility treated by the two girls, verbally assaulted and given the bird by the girl in this video for apparently their privacy/tech animosity and hatred I decided that I should start filming this extremely strange, hostile and threatening behavior."

Slocum shared additional video footage with KRON 4. In that footage, a woman says Slocum is "killing the city" and a towel is thrown at her from the bar. Slocum tells KRON 4 (while wearing her Google Glass): "I'm glad though that I can help bring and shed some light on the fact that this is a great technology that can be used to prevent these types of incidents." Watch Slocum's video footage above, and check out the KRON 4 report with additional video footage below:

Video: Tech Report: Google Glass User Gets Unwanted Attention

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