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Food Truck Is Actually Serving IBM's Insane Computer-Generated Dishes

Photo: IBM/Facebook

What's a company to do when they invent a computer that generates weird, gimmicky recipes? Put in a food truck, apparently. IBM has partnered with the Institute of Culinary Education to bring the IBM Food Truck to life, serving up novelty food recipes voted on by the public at this week's IBM Pulse conference in Las Vegas. Dishes from the computer-generated recipe archive include Creole Shrimp-Lamb Dumpling, Baltic Apple Pie, Austrian Chocolate Burrito, Turkish Bruschetta, Caymanian Plantain Dessert, Swiss-Thai Asparagus Quiche, and today's recipe is Portuguese Lobster Roll.

The conference, which ends today, marks the truck's debut, but ICE creative director Michael Laiskonis tweets that he'll be working in the truck next week. He does not reveal where the truck is heading. The truck uses the IBM computer program that generates recipes, an act which it calls "computational creativity." The video below illustrates how "cognitive cooking" works in layman's terms. The computer's goal is not to retrieve already existing recipes, but rather create new ones. Go, watch that video, and an inside look at the IBM Food Truck serving the above-mentioned Baltic Apple Pie below:

UPDATE 2/26 4:45pm: IBM confirms that their next stop is Austin, TX for SXSW.

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