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Dallas Brewery Keeps Sexist 'Goes Down Easy' Slogan

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Despite promising last year to alter a slogan many deemed misogynist, a Dallas-based brewery is forging on with its "Goes Down Easy" van after receiving "an outcry of support in favor of not cowering to an overly PC agenda." According to the Dallas Observer, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. first drew attention last Fall with artwork for its "Dallas Blonde" beer, which was accompanied by a slogan suggesting the beer "Goes Down Easy" (presumably, like blond Dallas women, blow job joke, get it?).

At the time, brewery owner John Reardon offered a half-apology by posting a "censored" photo of the slogan, and the Dallas Morning News reported the brewery made a donation to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. But today, a blogger at the Burnt Orange Report noticed Deep Ellum is still using the slogan, and the "censored" bright-pink van is rolling around town. Reardon explained his decision to backtrack, telling the Observer: "When weighing the decision on whether or not to change the van, we ultimately listened to the general public."

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