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Watch Paul Liebrandt's Google Talk on His New Book and Fine Dining's Future

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Paul Liebrandt is the latest chef to stop by Google for a talk about his new book To the Bone and the career arc that has led to his well-received Brooklyn restaurant The Elm. In the interview, Liebrandt drops some knowledge about the similarities between being a cook and being a DJ, how Marco Pierre White's White Heat "broke the mold" for cookbooks, and how technology goes hand in hand with cooking.

Liebrandt also weighs in on some hot topics within the restaurant industry: cooking as an art and the future of fine dining. On the former, Liebrandt says that he sees himself more as a craftsman, explaining, "As an artist, I can come in one day and cook a great meal and then come back the next day and not have to do it because that's art. As a craftsman... every day, I have to come in and deliver to the same level." And when it comes to fine dining, Liebrandt thinks that how people want to experience it has changed, but that ultimately fine dining isn't going anywhere. "We have to move with the times," he says. Here, go watch the whole thing:

Video: Paul Liebrandt, "To The Bone" | Chefs At Google

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The Elm

160 N 12th St, Brooklyn, New York

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