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Fake Restaurants Uncovered on Seamless/GrubHub

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Is there a secret plague of fake restaurants on Seamless/GrubHub? In response to a reader question, the Tribeca Citizen did a little investigative journalism (made some phone calls) and discovered that a New York City restaurant called Lily's Japanese & Chinese Restaurant is selling through Seamless under a variety of names. These include Joe's Noodles, AAA Asian Food, and Asian Diet Food, none of which seem to actually exist. It's unknown why Lily's is doing this, exactly, although it does seem to be a way to game the search results within Seamless.

For the website's part, it's unclear whether they knew about this issue or not. Seamless/GrubHub director of PR Abby Hunt told the TC, "GrubHub Seamless takes measures to ensure that every restaurant is correctly represented on our services and invites diners to report inaccuracies to our customer care team." Which is very much marketing speak and doesn't really answer the question of how widespread this problem is. In any case, do let us know if you stumble upon any additional restaurants that seem to not exist in real life.

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