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Waiter Accidentally Discards His TipsForJesus Mega Tip

[Photos: TipsForJesus / Instagram]

A Los Angeles waiter says he didn't cash a huge tip left to him by TipsForJesus and threw away the receipt because he thought it was a mistake. According the SF Chronicle, French Quarter Restaurant waiter Ron Kinney claims that he was left a $1,000 plus tip over the holidays, but that he disregarded it thinking it was from "someone who had a drink too many and didn't realize what they were doing." Learning of the merry band of tipsters, Kinney realized that the tip was in fact real, and has yet to be able to locate the discarded receipt. He remembers the tip as either being for $4,000 or $7,000, which would be in line with the kinds of tips the group left in Los Angeles recently. It should be noted, however, that no receipt from the French Quarter Restaurant has been posted in the past 17 weeks to the TipsForJesus Instragram account.

In a recent San Francisco Magazine interview, a representative form TipsForJesus offers additional insight into the motivation for leaving megatips across the country. "It's just about helping people out," the anonymous tipper says. "It's not hard to give back ... When justified by great service, magnanimous gratuities are achievable by everyone—no excuses." Setting an example for generous tipping is also part of the mission, as evidenced by the group's Project Christmas Eve campaign which encouraged everyone to tip big.

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