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Gordon Ramsay Claims He Cried When He Lost Two Michelin Stars

Photo: Skavlan / Facebook

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay was on the Swedish/Norwegian talk show Skavlan, and during his appearance host Fredrik Skavlan asked him what it was like to lose Michelin stars. Ramsay lost a couple of them last Fall in a major downgrade when the New York restaurant Gordon Ramsay at the London went from having two stars to none. (Ramsay sold the restaurant to the London hotel in 2009, but it still has his name on it.) And according to Michelin it was the only restaurant in the history of the guide to lose two stars at once for quality issues. It turns out losing those stars is both like "losing a girlfriend" and "losing the Champions League." Ouch.

I started crying when I lost my stars. It's a very emotional thing for any chef. It's like losing a girlfriend. You want her back. I think every top chef in the world, from Alain Ducasse to Guy Savoy, when you lose a star it's like losing the Champions League. There's next year. So it's not done forever that you can't win those things back. I got asked the question literally two weeks ago on holiday. What would you do if you ever lost your third star? Honestly? I would win it back. It's nice to stay focused.

Skavlan asked what Ramsay would do to someone if he found out they were responsible for the star loss: "I would take you to the most amazing fjord in Norway and I would drown you." They also talked about picky eaters (like Ramsay's mom) and how his kids threaten to become vegetarians to get what they want. Watch the whole interview below:

Video: Gordon Ramsay on Skavlan

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