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There's a Secret Starbucks at the Olympics in Sochi

NBC has been housing an illicit Starbucks inside its Sochi media deathstar. According to the Wall Street Journal, the network built the Starbucks to caffeinate its Olympics coverage team of about 2,500 employees. It's staffed by 15 baristas flown in from Starbucks across Russia; the WSJ notes that "All told, the barista battalion is larger than the Sochi Olympic teams of some 57 countries." Also, the coffee is free.

There is a catch, though: Starbucks isn't suppose to have a presence in Sochi. Sponsorship deals at the Olympics are hardcore. Remember when McDonald's locked down the french fry market during the London Olympics? Well, their McCafes are supposed to be the only coffee game in Sochi. Oops.

Additionally, since the Starbucks is on NBC turf, it's not accessible to all media. The WSJ reports that some journalists who have gotten their hands on a 'Bucks cup are refilling them with vending machine coffee in order to maintain what has become a Sochi status symbol.

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