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Watch a WWII Bunker Become an Underground Farm

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As previously reported, a former World War II bomb shelter in London has been recently converted into a 2.5-acre subterranean farm, and here's a video revealing how the project came to be. In the video — which is actually a pitch to potential investors — founders Zero Carbon Food reveal that the commercial urban farm sits 12 stories under London and outfits some of its restaurants with greens.

According to founders, the underground farms can operate in adverse weather conditions, don't have to worry about pests, and don't emit as much carbon dioxide as their more-traditional counterparts. Says chef/partner Michel Roux Jr.: "When I went down there for the first time I was absolutely blown away. Not only by the [tunnels'] size, but by the magnificent produce that's actually growing there now." Go, watch:

Video: Growing Underground Pitch

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