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Kelly English Fights Against Homophobic TN Senate Bill

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A Memphis, TN chef has taken a public stand against a Senator who proposed a homophobic piece of legislation, and he's gotten some big results. Beloved local chef Kelly English of Restaurant Iris and its hotly anticipated follow-up The Second Line was so outraged by Senator Brian Kelsey's proposed bill to allow people to refuse good and services to same-sex couples on religious grounds that he took his grievances to Facebook on Wednesday saying: "The offer is on the table: I will host a political fundraiser for this guy's opponent in the next election. What a piece of garbage." The bill has been referred to as the "Turn Away the Gays" bill.

WMC-TV reports that between the several responses English received and a new petition to block the bill, "Kelsey's name disappeared from the bill" by yesterday morning. The bill is now backed by a different Senator, and in the video below, English sticks to his guns: "The world is going in the right direction, and you can either get on board with it and try to steer it where you want it to go or you can fight it and look like a fool." Go, watch:

Video: Memphis Chef Wants to End Proposed 'Turn Away the Gays' Bill

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