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The Farmer & The Chef, a Documentary About David Kinch, to Premiere in March

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Photo: The Farmer & The Chef
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A documentary about two Michelin-starred chef California chef David Kinch of Manresa and farmer Cynthia Sandberg is set to premiere this March. An official synopsis of The Farmer & The Chef describes the one-hour documentary as behind the scenes look at "how two creative geniuses grow and serve the perfect meal." The film tracks how Sandberg transformed a 2 acre garden into Love Apple Farms, which provides much of Manresa's produce. The film also shows how Kinch dealt with a remodel at Manresa. The documentary is directed by Mike Whalen (Another First Step, FRESH Women, A Question of Habit).

The Farmer & The Chef will make its debut at the Cinequest film festival in San Jose on March 9, and tickets are available now. While there is not a formal trailer as of yet, the videos below give a sense of what the film is all about. Do watch director Mike Whalen on why he decided to make the film, and check out the stunning aerial footage of Love Apple Farms, both below:

Video: CineStar 8 over Love Apple Farm, Santa Cruz, CA

Video: The Farmer & The Chef Cinequest Pitch

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