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Behold the Deep-Fried Ellio's Pizza Burger at Philly's PYT

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The professional stunt-burger makers at Philadelphia's PYT — who have deep-fried everything from twinkes to lasagna in an effort to rid the world of its normal hamburger bun problem — are back at it. This time around, PYT owner Tommy Up heads to the grocery freezer case for a couple slices of Ellio's Pizza (pepperoni flavor), which are breaded, deep-fried, and used for buns.

The Ellio's burger mashup is undoubtedly targeted to those nostalgic for questionable elementary-school cafeteria pizza, but who now have adult-sized appetites: The burger patty itself is made from a mozzarella-and-provolone-topped giant meatball, slathered in marinara sauce. Still hungry? On its Facebook page, PYT suggests pairing the stunt sandwich with a side of pizza waffle fries, for good measure.

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1050 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia, PA 19123

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