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Dumb Starbucks Shut Down by Health Department

Nathan Fielder at Dumb Starbucks, LA.
Nathan Fielder at Dumb Starbucks, LA.
Photo: Dan R. Krauss/Getty Images
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Looks like Dumb Starbucks is done serving dumb coffees, at least temporarily. The LA Times reports that the Los Angeles County Health Department has shut down the parody coffee shop for operating without a permit. A sign on the window says the cafe was "closed for violations." Dumb Starbucks popped up in Los Angeles over the weekend, and yesterday it was revealed to be the work of Comedy Central's Nathan Fielder.

In the video Dumb Starbucks released below Fielder says he has met the minimum requirements of parody law to avoid a suit from Starbucks and pursue his goal of "get[ting] rich." In the shop's FAQ, he also says that the shop should be thought of as an art gallery, and "the 'coffee' you're buying is considered the art." While that may satisfy parody laws, the Health Department clearly didn't buy it. (Were the "dumb employees" not wearing gloves, perhaps?) No word on whether this setback will derail plans Fielder announced for a Dumb Starbucks to open in Brooklyn soon. Do check out the Dumb Starbucks video below for a look inside the shop and to hear more about Fielder's vision for it. Also below is a video from ABC showing clips from the crazy lines outside the shop and more information on the Health Department shutter:

Video: Dumb Starbucks

Video: 'Dumb Starbucks' Shut Down by Health Department


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Dumb Starbucks

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